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About Axiom

Axiom was created in 2007 by a group of experienced healthcare cost report specialists who placed great value in listening to and working in partnership with clients.

You face daily challenges & uphill battles. We face them by your side. Together we succeed.

We go beyond simply preparing and filing cost reports. Our team of seasoned professionals consults on strategy, weighs in on issues, helps solve problems, and identifies areas of opportunity for our clients while always pursuing best practices and staying abreast of the latest regulatory changes.

Over the years, post-acute care has become an increasingly challenging enterprise. With more payers and regulations than ever before, it makes solid business sense to work with an experienced team able to deftly navigate the industry’s ever-changing policies and meticulous requirements. In addition to cost report preparation and filing, we also have a robust bookkeeping and accounting department that handles preparation and review of financial statements as well as consulting on all manner of healthcare business matters.

Though we are proud to specialize in the dynamic and complex post-acute care industry of California, we also serve clients in Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Arizona, among others. If you’re looking for a leader to help take your facility to an even higher level of care, look no further than Axiom.

Axiom Leadership

Michael Lesnick

Michael Lesnick

Michael Lesnick has over 30 years experience in the long term care profession and is known as one of the nation’s foremost experts on post acute reimbursement. His background includes a broad range of services to post acute providers and professionals in accounting, reimbursement, operations, litigation support and other mission critical areas. Mr. Lesnick and Axiom are committed to helping providers and professionals obtain and protect the resources necessary to provide quality care to the patients and families that have entrusted us with their care.

Cathy Storr

Cathy Storr

Ms. Storr has served the healthcare profession for the past twenty two years in accounting, auditing, and consulting with a specialization in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Prior to joining Axiom, Ms. Storr worked as a Medicare auditor with a Fiscal Intermediary auditing and reviewing healthcare provider cost reports. Ms. Storr manages a team delivering Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care cost reporting, representation on appeals, consulting, corporate compliance audits, litigation support, Medicaid rate projections and numerous special projects tailored to provider needs. Ms. Storr is a a Certified Public Accountant in California and received her BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accountancy from California State University, Long Beach in 1993.

Eddie Uppal

Eddie Uppal

Mr. Uppal has served the healthcare profession for the past eighteen years in accounting, auditing, cost reporting, reimbursement, governmental audits and appeals, and consulting. Prior to joining Axiom Healthcare Group, he was a Principal for the healthcare division of a regional accounting firm and has worked as a financial auditor for a national accounting group. Presently, Mr. Uppal manages a team delivering a variety of expert services to post acute providers including monthly accounting management and reporting, Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care cost reporting, representation on appeals, litigation support, rate projections and special projects. He also specializes in assisting providers with development and analysis of monthly financials. Mr. Uppal received his BS in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge in 1998.

Ron Wall

Ron Wall

Mr. Wall Ron has over 30 years experience in long term care having worked with skilled nursing, traumatic brain injury and developmentally disabled populations. He has been a program director, administrator, corporate consultant and owner. Ron has lectured at several universities and sits on the Advisory Board for Speech and Communication Disorders at Loma Linda University. At Axiom he specializes in Medicare Compliance, Rehabilitation Consultation including Efficiency/Productivity Analysis, Revenue and Cost Analysis, Utilization Analysis, Management Oversight, Regulatory Compliance, ADR Preparation and Medicare Appeals (Prepayment and Post Payment Reviews), Documentation Review, Education and training.

Josh Sadikman

Josh Sadikman

Mr. Sadikman has been serving the post acute community for the past fifteen years. He works in a number of different capacities specializing in business office and healthcare operations and serves on the board of directors for a number of different corporations. Mr. Sadikman received his BA in Psychology from Miami University and MBA from Boston University.

You’ve got big plans.
We’ve got ways to get you there.

How Can We Help?

As specialists in the post-acute care industry, Axiom is proud to provide a variety of services designed to maximize your facility’s potential. From accounting services and cost reporting to expert consultations, our team is poised to provide the insight and knowledge your facility needs to thrive in an ever-changing and competitive environment.

Your business is highly specialized. Fortunately, so is ours.

Whether you need a skilled professional who can step in on a moment’s notice to provide expert guidance or the consistency of regular monthly accounting services, look no further than Axiom. As specialists in California’s post-acute care industry, we understand the complexities of your fiscal requirements and pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to fit your needs exactly.


Advisory Level

High-level analysis and oversight is the optimal solution for clients who manage their day-to-day accounting but could benefit from expert consultation and guidance.


Partner Level

At this level, Axiom’s experts partner with clients who manage some, but not all, aspects of their general accounting.


Premier Level

Axiom provides full-service accounting for clients with robust needs.


One facility with a full-time CFO or Controller.

Maintains "accrual basis" ledger. 

Posts all monthly third-party billings, cash receipts, cash disbursements and payroll.

Provides guidance, analysis and expert consultation as needed.


One facility with a full-time Business Office Manager.

Maintains "cash-basis" general ledger and posts all cash receipts and payments. 

Manages or contracts out monthly third-party billings. 

Sends monthly billings reports and third-party payroll reports to Axiom for posting to the general ledger.

Posts to the general ledger.


One facility with no full-time Business Office Manager or bookkeeper.

Keeps track of all cash receipts and cash disbursements using Excel or Quickbooks, but does not maintain a general ledger. 

Sends monthly third-party billings reports to Axiom. 

Sends payroll reports from third-party provider to Axiom each pay period. 

Provides Axiom with a listing of all cash receipts and disbursements for review.

Manages and maintains the general ledger. 

Reviews cash receipts and disbursements.

Medicare Part A PPS FY 2018/2019 Tool Kit

Determine whether you are an “Urban” provider or a “Rural” provider, according to Medicare. To do this, look at page S-2 of your Medicare cost report.

Tool Kit Instructions for FY19 RUG IV Urban RUG IV Rural

The post-acute care industry is challenging and complex. With Axiom, it doesn’t have to be.

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